There are special types of work that involve taking on exceptionally high risks. Working with hazardous energies, like thermal, electrical or hydraulic often leads to injury when the proper safety measures are not followed. These high risks necessitates that the owner of the premises effectively trains its employees and implements appropriate safety procedures for bypassing these risks when the machinery is being worked on.  The primary way to bypass these risks is by a lockout procedure (also known as a lockout/tagout procedure) is used so that the worker fixing a machine can not be exposed to the energy. This procedure can be cumbersome and may require the worker locking out to have to come back from the other side of the plant to unlock and tag out. If the business does not promote safety first, that procedure can be skipped. When that happens, serious injury or death may follow.

If you or a loved one has been injured by an improper lockout procedure, the team of Mobile improper lockout procedure attorneys at Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C. can help.  Call us at 800-574-4332 to schedule an appointment.

What Is an Improper Lockout Procedure Claim and What Damages are Available?

Lockout procedures are established and required when there are maintenance or services to be performed on machinery that involves the potential risk of hazardous energy being released. Because of these risks, OSHA has clearly outlined training procedures specific to this type of work.  An injury caused directly by a poor training program or the negligent or wanton failure to lockout results in liability for the offending party.

In Alabama, you may bring a claim for the compensatory damages associated with the injury – permanent injury, lost wages (past and future), emotional distress and physical pain and suffering (past and future), medical bills (past and future) and other out of pocket costs you have incurred or will incur in the future.  You may be entitled to punitive damages punitive damages against the individual designed to punish the wrongdoer and to deter others from similar conduct. If you are married or the injury is to a minor child in your custody, you can bring a claim for your loss of services of the injured person. An improper lockout procedure lawyer at  Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C. will investigate your claim and pursue a recovery against all who may be responsible if the facts merit doing so. Contact us at 800-574-4332 to begin the conversation today.

What Will an Alabama Improper Lockout Lawyer Provide?

Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C., is able to offer an improper lockout procedure lawyer to lead you through what can be a traumatic experience.  We will handle your case with professionalism and sensitivity. You deserve the support and advocacy that our attorneys will provide.

In the state of Alabama, the statute of limitations on improper lockout procedure cases is only two years from the date of injury. Accordingly, you should reach out to the attorneys at Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C. If you or a loved one has suffered a  improper lockout procedure injury and believe it may have been due to the negligence of a third-party, reach out to our team of Mobile improper lockout procedure attorneys today to discuss your legal options. We do not charge a fee to evaluate your case.


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