The consumer fraud lawyers at the Mobile, Alabama firm of Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C., represent clients victimized by deceitful or illegal practices employed by some businesses to lure and take advantage of consumers. In our hi-tech, 21 st century civilization, consumer fraud is becoming more prevalent and easier to perpetrate. The internet provides a rich environment for unscrupulous businesses to develop new and more enticing tactics to defraud their consumers. However, old-fashioned, tried and true techniques have not fallen by the wayside while these newer strategies gain in popularity. Today, the average, everyday participant in the consumer world has to remain hyper-vigilant and ever-mindful that at any time, they may fall victim to consumer fraud. In the unfortunate event that this occurs, the consumer fraud lawyers at our Mobile, Alabama firm can help. Our experienced team of skilled trial lawyers will diligently protect your rights while pursuing the compensation to which you are entitled.

What is consumer fraud?

In the consumer arena, all businesses have specific legal obligations to their customers. In the course of conducting business, insurance companies, financial institutions, credit card companies, healthcare providers, and others engaged in the buying and selling of goods and services will often make certain expressed or implied promises to consumers to encourage their business.

However, when these promises are not met, consumers may have recourse in consumer fraud and protection laws to obtain reimbursement, damages, or other compensation.

Types of Consumer Fraud

Some types of consumer fraud common to Mobile, Alabama and other communities include misleading or false advertising, deceptive pricing, warranty fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance bad faith and credit card fraud.

Many cases of consumer fraud can result in the participation in class action lawsuits. The lawyers at our Mobile, Alabama firm have considerable experience in handling class action lawsuits and can provide representation in these actions or assist you in locating information concerning ongoing class action litigation.

Compensation for Consumer Fraud

Compensation for victims of consumer fraud may include the recovery of out-of-pocket expenses and attorney’s fees as well as punitive damages and restitution for mental anguish.

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