The death of a loved one is never easy to bear. It is even more difficult to accept when the loss, while both tragic and unexpected, occurs because of the action or inaction of another individual. The attorneys at BCM can guide you through the process of obtaining justice under these circumstances. Citizens of Alabama are protected by a state wrongful death law that provides recourse for the family of a decedent to seek punitive damages against the individual or individuals responsible for the decedent’s death. A wrongful death lawyer at BCM will investigate and pursue your claim in an effort to help ease the burden of your grief caused by your loss.

What is wrongful death?

When an individual is killed as a result of the actions or negligence of another person, the surviving members of the deceased’s family can pursue wrongful death litigation. Representing the most egregious form of personal injury, wrongful death claims are civil cases — they do not assign criminal responsibility for the death of the decedent. Instead, wrongful death suits attempt to determine liability and assign damages. The Alabama state wrongful death law is unique in its interpretation of what constitutes wrongful death and how individuals proceed in taking action in court concerning their loss.

What will a wrongful death lawyer provide?

Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C., can provide a wrongful death lawyer to help you navigate the complex and sometimes intimidating civil justice system. A loved one’s death can be difficult on you and your family, and BCM case with the compassion and expertise it deserves. Your attorney will study all aspects of your case and provide skilled and zealous advocacy.

In Alabama, the state wrongful death law does not provide for compensatory damages to be awarded to the surviving family of the decedent in wrongful death actions. Instead, the law provides for punitive damages to be leveled against the individual held liable for the death. Our firm will provide a wrongful death lawyer who can explain this law more fully and assist you in pursuing and obtaining justice against the wrongdoer.

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