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How To Deal With Your ERISA Disability Claim

ERISA covers disability insurance claims as well as health insurance claims. Short term and/or long term disability insurance is often provided as a benefit of employment. Usually, ERISA will be the law that governs. If you have suffered a non-work related injury that prevents you from working either at your specific job or at any […]

Contingent Fee Agreements: How A Lawyer Evaluates The Case

Most people are familiar with the concept of a contingent fee agreement with a lawyer. The lawyer gets a percentage of the recovery as a fee and is not paid if there’s no recovery. What most folks are not familiar with are the steps an attorney goes through to determine whether to take a case […]

When Warranties Fail

While everyone has received a warranty on something that they have purchased, few stop to read “the fine print.” Reading one may cause you to wish that you had not. Typically, the warranty will provide that the manufacturer and/or distributor will “repair or replace,” at their option, the product or part of the product that […]