Complex, Business and Class Action Litigation

Have you been sued? Do you need to sue to protect your rights or recover what you are owed?  The Complex, Business and Class Action Litigation team at Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C., handles virtually all forms of business litigation. We do so in a distinctly case-by-case manner.  Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C. is a flexible litigation team adapting its style and approach to each lawsuit to fit the needs of each client.  We also accommodate clients by using a variety of contractual arrangements tailored to their precise needs and expectations.

We provide business administration and training advice, draft corporate formation materials, prepare formal and legal letters in behalf of your company, draft and review contracts, review documents, oversee and attend property inspections, manage internal disputes, and administer business divorces and dissolutions.

Contingent Fee Agreements for Businesses

Companies, like individuals, often find that a contingency fee approach to the prosecution of claims is an efficient means and cost effective way to secure their legal rights. If you are suing or being sued, Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C., can create a contingency fee litigation team, or work on an hourly basis, depending on the nature of the suit.  This approach to  representation and compensation protects the rights of companies and their owners or shareholders without burdening them with the potentially overwhelming cost of preparing for litigation.

Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C., Handles All Types of Complex Business Litigation

Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C.’s trial lawyers are licensed to practice in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Washington D.C.  They are highly professional, experienced and successful attorneys litigating and settling contractual disputes, fraud and commercial law suits, shareholder derivative and oppression claims, as well as cases involving violation of trade secrets, misrepresentation, price fixing, and other types of business torts.  The firm’s litigators have successfully represented professional organizations and business owners in complex and simple business litigation, in and out of the courtroom.

The Mobile, Alabama, trial attorneys at Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C., represent business clients in commercial and complex business litigation that includes:

  • Class Actions
  • Insurance Actions
  • Accounting Fraud
  • Reinsurance Matters
  • Private Investment Claims
  • Minority Shareholder Oppression/Squeeze Out Claims
  • Shareholder Derivative Claims
  • Securities Claims
  • Trade Secrets
  • Franchisee Claims
  • Business Fraud
  • Antitrust Price Fixing
  • Breach of Contract

If you or your business enterprise has suffered harm due to the fault of another, or your business has been sued, then please feel free to contact the experienced trial attorneys in Mobile, Alabama, at Burns, Cunningham, and Mackey, P.C., to schedule a free legal consultation.

We can be reached locally at (251) 432-0612 or toll-free at (800) 574-4332. If you would like to chat now with someone from our office regarding your contract dispute please click here.


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