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Brought to You By the 7th
By Dottie Perry on July 8, 2014

Hobby Lobby and Religious Right Victory in the Supreme Court
By Dottie Perry on June 30, 2014

HITECH: Your Medical Records are Your Property
By Dottie Perry on May 27, 2014

Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival – I Fought the Law and the Law Won
By Dottie Perry on May 16, 2014


Is Everything You Read Online True?

CHECK IT OUT My cousin recently received an email from a ‘friend’ touting a particular extreme political point (makes no difference for this essay whether it was extreme right or extreme left). She questioned the accuracy and asked her daughter …
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Evergreen Retainers – What Clients Need to Know

Fee agreements outlining the scope of legal representation and compensation for the law firm, inter alia, are inked at the outset of every attorney-client relationship.  That contract governs the relationship from start to finish.  If the contract provides for a contingent fee, …
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The Justice System Exposes Corporate Safety Shenanigans Again

What we would know about the defective General Motors’ (GM) defective ignition switch that has resulted in the injuries and deaths of innocent people without the civil Justice system?  NOTHING!   When a corporation like GM makes a dangerous product that …
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Railroad Crossings Without Flashing Lights Are Dangerous

Flashing lights and gates are the best warnings to keep vehicles off railroad tracks.  Who decides what to put at these crossings? The train companies have interest in keeping vehicles off their tracks when trains are coming. But, instead of …
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