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Blind Spots: The Overlooked Culprit in Many Alabama Motorcycle Crashes

Have you ever wondered why motorcycle accidents seem to happen “out of nowhere”? The answer might be hiding in plain sight—or rather, out of sight. Blind spots, those sneaky areas around vehicles where other road users become temporarily invisible, are a major yet often overlooked factor in many Alabama motorcycle crashes. This invisible menace lurks […]

How Fatigue Contributes to Commercial Trucking Crashes in Alabama

In the busy world of commerce, where goods traverse the nation’s highways day and night, the issue of truck driver fatigue looms large. This is especially true in Alabama, where the confluence of long-haul routes, demanding schedules, and unique regional factors creates a perfect storm for fatigue-related commercial trucking crashes. The Science of Fatigue and […]

How Driver Shortages Affect Commercial Trucking Safety in Alabama

In Alabama, commercial trucks play a vital role in keeping our economy humming, delivering everything from essential goods to building materials across the state. However, a looming threat – a nationwide shortage of qualified truck drivers – is putting the safety of our roads at risk, especially in the Mobile area and throughout Alabama. This […]

The Importance of Witness Statements in Car Crash Claims

Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence in Mobile and surrounding areas. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, our state sees a significant number of car crashes each year, resulting in injuries and property damage.   If you have been involved in a vehicle crash in the Mobile area, the aftermath can be overwhelming. You’re […]