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Car Infotainment Systems: An Underreported Source of Driver Distractions

Each new generation of cars has new safety, entertainment, and productivity features designed to make our time on the road better and less stressful. Unfortunately, sometimes these features backfire and actually make driving more dangerous. Car infotainment systems are one great example of failed safety and productivity features. Research shows that these systems put drivers […]

Obtaining Fair Compensation After a Disfigurement Injury

For many people, the internal effects of a serious injury last far longer than the external ones. Although they may appear healthy and recovered on the outside, they often live with the lasting trauma and anxiety that come with a brush with death. Others are left with disfiguring injuries that serve as a permanent reminder […]

Common Causes of Roundabout Accidents

Roundabouts, when used properly, are an excellent tool for maintaining the flow of traffic and avoiding the traffic backup that occurs at stoplights. When used by inexperienced drivers, roundabouts are an accident magnet. That’s why, as an experienced driver, you should be particularly careful when navigating a roundabout—especially one that’s new to your area. If […]

Who is Liable for a Swimming Pool Injury?

If you tell a child you’ll take them to the swimming pool, plan on hearing about that promise constantly until you keep it. Whether it’s during summer break or the school year, the pool is one of the most popular ways for kids to spend a free day. However, pools can also be incredibly dangerous. […]