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Will the Medical/Hospital Community Address the 250,000 Deaths by Medical Errors?

I am certain others have written about the report from Johns Hopkins that medical errors cause more than 250,000 deaths every year in the United States, enough to make them the nation’s third-leading cause of death. http://www.futurity.org/medical-errors-deaths-1157152/ But why are they the third leading cause of death? Why do medical mistakes come in third in […]


Taking the wrong prescription drug, too many of a prescribed drugs or missing the wrong prescription drugs can harmful. Regarding opioids, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced March 22, 2016 that it is requiring class-wide safety labeling changes for immediate-release (IR) opioid pain medications. The FDA is requiring a new boxed warning about the […]

Avoiding Accidents With Bicycle Safety

I see more and more people riding bikes along the roadways- adults not just kids- like when I grew up. These are people out for exercise and relaxation. I recently had a good friend die of a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a truck. He suffered for several months after the collision. It […]

Accidents Between Trains and Cars at Railroad Crossings

Alabama ranks among the top states in the nation in the number of railway incidents involving highway crossings. Why? Is it inattentiveness by drivers, speeding trains, difficult terrain blocking views or just bad luck? I performed a Google search to try to determine. Very little information. The National Safety Transportation Board issues railroad accident reports. […]