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Wrong Way Accidents Increasing Across the United States

Some of the most common types of car crashes include rear-end accidents and sideswipe collisions. Historically, head-on crashes were fairly rare—that has changed in recent years. Head-on crashes have been ramping up dramatically in recent years, raising red flags for law enforcement across the country. This type of collision can cause serious damage and fatal injuries, so figuring out why these crashes are increasing is a top priority for law enforcement.

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Common Causes of Wrong Way Collisions

Research on the causes of wrong accidents has turned up a variety of causes for the increase in collisions. The first is an uptick in the number of senior drivers. People are living longer than ever, and they are staying independent as long as they can. This means that they’re driving as long as they can, even when it may not be safe.

Even with medical advances, there are undoubtedly deficiencies that come with aging. Delays in vision, response time, and other important skills involved with driving can make senior drivers less safe than other adult drivers.

Alabama, like many other states, does not have any extra driving restrictions for seniors. While some states require drivers above a certain age to take additional tests to prove their ability to drive, Alabama allows aging drivers to meet the same requirements as other drivers. As the roads become more populated with aging drivers, some of whom may experience confusion on the road, these accidents may continue to become more common.

While aging drivers are one reason wrong-way accidents are on the rise, they are certainly not the main cause. The most significant issue is drunk driving, by a very wide margin. Drunk driving is always dangerous, but it is especially dangerous when a driver is so impaired that they don’t realize they’re on the wrong side of the road.

Another issue is confusing or difficult-to-read road signs. Solo drivers are at the greatest risk of simply taking a wrong turn onto a one-way road, often with devastating consequences.

Damages of Wrong Way Collisions

Why are wrong-way accidents so much more dangerous than other types of accidents? To start, people almost always notice when they have caused a rear-end or sideswipe accident, which allows them to hit the brakes before they do any further damage. On the other hand, people who are driving the wrong way on the road often have no idea what they are doing wrong.

By the time they realize it, it is too late to take evasive action. Two vehicles driving at the speed limit colliding with each other can cause an enormous amount of property damage and bodily harm.

The force of a wrong-way crash can cause people to sustain traumatic brain injuries, be thrown from their vehicles, or die on impact.

Efforts to Curb Wrong Way Accidents

Efforts are underway across the country to decrease the likelihood of wrong-way accidents. Some states are cracking down on impaired driving, enforcing stricter penalties to discourage drivers from taking unnecessary chances. These efforts often include suspending drivers’ licenses for longer periods of time.

Additionally, some states are attempting to solve the issue of accidents caused by elderly drivers. In some states, drivers above certain ages must take driving tests before renewal, renew their licenses more frequently, or go through additional screening before renewing their licenses.

States are also working hard to make their roads more easily navigable. Some are investing in arrows and signage that can be viewed in the dark, and others are putting up additional barriers to prevent drivers from unintentionally going the wrong direction on the road.

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