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Seeking Compensation from Multiple At-Fault Parties

Personal injury claims, by nature, can be complicated. The more parties you add into a claim, the more complex it becomes. You may have already discovered this if you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, only to find out that there’s more than one party responsible for the losses you’ve suffered. Trying to get even one […]

Personal Injury Risks at the Beach This Summer

Summertime means kids out of school, parents with vacation days to use up, and everyone taking advantage of Alabama’s stunning beaches. Nearly 7 million people visit Alabama’s Gulf Coast every year, bringing new life to this tourist area. However, with that many people on the beachfront, there are bound to be accidents. Learn more about […]

Tips for Avoiding ATV Accidents in Alabama

ATV accidents are a growing problem across the United States, and Alabama is a state that sees a significant number of accidents and fatalities every year. If you’re getting ready for a summer of ATV riding, take the right steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you or someone you love is injured […]