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Dog Bite Dangers: What To Do if Your Child Is Attacked By a Dog

Dogs are often considered man’s best friend, but unfortunately, not all dogs are equally friendly, and dog bite incidents can happen. When it comes to children, dog bites can be particularly alarming and potentially dangerous. You should speak with a skilled dog bite attorney in Mobile, AL immediately to file a claim and obtain maximum […]

What Happens to Your Body in a Rear-End Collision?

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. People are more rushed than ever before and more distracted than they have ever been. They don’t leave enough space between their vehicle and the car in front of them, either to save time or […]

Should You See a Neurologist After an Auto Accident?

The impact of a car accident goes far beyond broken bones and cuts. The damage a victim sustains in a car crash can follow them for the rest of their lives, particularly if they suffer a neurological injury. If you get hit by a car, neurological damage may be the last thing on your mind. […]

Negligent Entrustment and Third-Party Liability

Determining liability is a huge part of getting the full and fair settlement you deserve after an Alabama car accident. However, it’s not always as simple as figuring out who was driving the car and taking the claim to their insurance. If the driver of the vehicle is not the car’s owner, the owner might […]