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How Catastrophic Injuries Impact Families

Catastrophic injuries are among the worst an individual can suffer, with the obvious exception of fatal injuries. Injuries that fit into this category cause lifelong pain and mobility issues, and often require medical care for the rest of a victim’s life. However, these accidents don’t just impact the victim. They can affect the victim’s family […]

Why Do Most Birth Injuries Occur?

Birth injuries are a devastating outcome for parents who have to deal with tragedy and uncertainty when they should be experiencing the joy of new parenthood. Furthermore, seeking justice when a medical professional has erred is extraordinarily difficult. However, if you or your child suffered injuries due to birth, you may be able to seek […]

How Social Media Can Impact a Personal Injury Claim

You’ve been hurt by someone else’s negligence and you’re ready to seek compensation. Have you considered how your social media presence could be harming your case? When it comes to limiting payouts and even completely denying settlements, there isn’t much that insurance companies won’t do to prove that their client is not responsible for an […]

How to Help Your Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

There’s a lot that you can’t control right now: when businesses reopen, when the frightening graphs we’re shown every day start trending downward, and when you can see your loved ones again. But in the midst of the chaos, there is an opportunity. You can help your community and build up those around you, creating […]