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Healthcare Reform: We Don’t Have A Problem??

In the Soundoff section of today’s paper, I noticed this: Health care is fine the way it is. Why do the Democrats want to create a government-run health industry? We already have a health industry run between insurance companies and the government. I don’t understand why it all has to be taken over by the […]

Tort Hell? Not Alabama

If you have been reading Alabama newspapers over the last ten years, you have read that Alabama is not a business friendly state – that is is “Tort Hell.” Various business and grass roots (their term, not mine) organizations have claimed that we need more tort reform to attract business. If that is the case, […]

Healthcare Reform – Who Knows The Way?

Everyone agrees that healthcare is a big issue in this country. Everyone agrees that the cost for healthcare is getting out of hand. There is a bill being proposed to deal with the problem, but a lot of people are complaining. That’s good – we are a nation that believes in dissent. But if you […]

Death Panels? They Have Been Around A Long Time

It was unfortunate that Sarah Palin and her compatriots would attempt to skew a humanitarian provision in the proposed healthcare bill into something sinister. The horrible reality, however, is that Death Panels aren’t the ghosts of healthcare’s future – they have been with us for years. No, they are not medical providers being asked to […]